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Brand&Web provides a FREE initial consultation, and all services ensure that your new marketing project is fully integrated with all company marketing initiatives, your overall marketing strategy & objectives, and target market realities "on the ground" -- minimizing wasted efforts over time.

The perfect brand, Web and marketing solution for nonprofits and small to medium sized businesses, Brand&Web is a full service marketing and advertising boutique serving (primarily) Central and West Texas, the Permian Basin and Central New Mexico, with studios in Austin, Midland and Ruidoso.


Big Picture Integration Requires Attention and Oversight Given to All Marketing Channels

Most nonprofits and smaller businesses with limited resources need the powerful results of integrated brand, Web and marketing oversight and development services without the potentially enormous costs of a big agency or full-time employee.

There are many providers out there to choose from, but most of them started out in a very specialized area, adding on related services they are not proficient in to better compete for your business. Finding one provider with all of the necessary skills to execute an integrated, full-cycle marketing program can seem like a fruitless endeavor.

Common Inefficiencies With
Limited Resource Marketing Initiatives

"Piecemeal" marketing can end up costing more in the long run - not only in duplication of effort, but in lost opportunities.

What purpose does a great looking website serve if nobody can find it on their own? Or a website easily found that makes the business look sloppy and willing to accept sub-standard results? How about a great website everyone can find very easily, but which does not properly "position" product and service offerings relevant to the specific needs of the targeted audience(s)?

What is the overall effectiveness of a targeted direct marketing campaign that makes the company website appear to be a redundant afterthought, or which does not leverage the website properly to guage the actual results of that campaign?

Content is King

Every day, people across America and the world are typing in search strings to an online search engine (like Google) to find a solution to their needs. These people represent a huge potential market for most organizations, and are usually the most prequalified prospects there are since they are already proactively searching.

Aside from the obvious benefits of clearly communicating the superiority of a company's products, services and/or business model to induce a response, an organization's CONTENT can significantly increase the chances of being found online by the intended audience. It also properly positions products and services to meet the specific needs of that audience. Content is the reason social media works at all.

Professional content development, which includes an organization's written material, is a mission critical consideration for any organization because it utlizes industry language, key terms and keywords that allow the intended audience to TARGET YOU as their ideal solution.

Unfortunately, content development tends to be an afterthought for many organizations and can be a difficult service to find, particularly when bundled with world-class design and marketing program services and oversight.

An Affordable Outsourced Marketing Partner Committed to Your Success

Brand&Web is an answer to all these needs. Whether services are contracted a-la-carte or as a full service solution, Brand&Web always considers where you are at now in the sales & marketing cycle, to provide you with integrated results you can easily adapt and build on later. Initial project planning always outlines the full scope of work needed to optimize success for individual marketing components.

Now it is possible to use one outsourced marketing provider as needed over time to execute full-scale integrated marketing programs, without the costs and "red tape" of larger agencies or full time in-house staff.

Contact Brand&Web today for a free consultation!