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Brand&Web provides a FREE initial consultation, and all services ensure that your new marketing project is fully integrated with all company marketing initiatives, your overall marketing strategy & objectives, and target market realities "on the ground" -- minimizing wasted efforts over time.

The perfect brand, Web and marketing solution for nonprofits and small to medium sized businesses, Brand&Web is a full service marketing and advertising boutique serving (primarily) Central and West Texas, the Permian Basin and Central New Mexico, with studios in Austin, Midland and Ruidoso.


Mastering the Integration of All Marketing Aspects

My name is Mark Warren, sole proprietor of Brand&Web.

At various times throughout my career, I have been a 4-color offset print designer, a PR and marketing communications specialist, brand manager, copywriter, photographer, web designer, email marketer, multimedia specialist, direct marketing and business development consultant, market researcher, production assistant, stage technician, special event producer, art director, exhibit designer, speech writer, economic development specialist, convention & visitors bureau assistant, PSA producer... limo driver... pool cleaner... even a tour guide in the Grand Canyon.

I've also had 8 years of full-time university education in architecture, business, psychology, fine arts, graphic design and marketing.You get the picture. I understand consumer behavior in multiple environments, and have a fundamental grasp of the entire sales and marketing cycle from concept to increased sales and return on investment (ROI).

The Evolution of Brand&Web

After years of working with nonprofits and several Chambers of Commerce, certain counterproductive trends became apparent that seemed universal to smaller organizations working with tighter budgets.

It is a common phenomenon for these smaller organizations or family enterprises to act impetuously with regards to marketing, failing or refusing to consider how the project of the day fits into a long-range, integrated marketing program. And it is usually a relative lack of time and funding that dictates this approach. Time may be money, but proper research, planning and faithful execution of plan components, without changing the plan everyday, is essential to achieving the economies of scale smaller businesses need to market themselves successfully. Maintaining adaptability, however, is also key.

The Brand&Web concept of affordable, integrated full-cycle marketing was hatched in 2000 as a response to this dilemma of needing more for less, needing it now, and needing to change things later.

Brand&Web Philosophy

There are some basic rules I follow that make Brand&Web an ideal marketing and Web development solution for smaller organizations.

1. I rarely work with more than two clients at a time. This means if you call or email me today, I'll get back to you today. I enjoy what I do. Limiting my active accounts keeps work enjoyable, and makes it possible for me to dedicate myself to the nuances of your project, even in my spare time. My goal here is to always exceed expectations.

2. Solid preliminary research and thorough planning provide a "benchmark" that is essential to staying on track, especially with more complex projects. Whenever possible, my goal is to define every aspect of a job up front, including contractual terms, before any job "execution" takes place. Setting expectations realistically is crucial to client satisfaction.

3. Maintaining open lines of communication can mean the difference between success or failure. I will never drop "off the radar" unexpectedly for weeks at a time, and likewise, Brand&Web clients should also be prepared to consider and discuss aspects of their needs and their project as information changes. Long periods without meaningful communication create a vacuum that makes it difficult to refine a project in timely and relevant ways. I can only make your project as successful as you want it to be. As with doctor and patient, you must take part and take some measure of responsibility for your own success.